Jury System

  The Circuit Clerk is responsible for the administration and management of the Jury System and provides jury panels for Circuit, Magistrate and Municipal Courts. The Clerk creates the master list of prospective jurors, randomly selects panels for attendance, qualifies and summons the jurors and monitors attendance and mileage for reimbursement purposes.

There are two types of juries:

The Grand Jury consists of sixteen (16) members and meets the 3rd Tuesday of each term of court (January, April and September). The main duty of the Grand Jury is to hear criminal cases presented by the Prosecuting Attorney and decide if there is probable cause. It is not their duty however, to decide the guilt or innocence of an individual.
A Petit Jury in criminal cases determines guilt or innocence. A guilty finding must be by unanimous vote. Twelve (12) people are impaneled to sit on a criminal trial.
A Petit Jury in civil cases decides between a plaintiff and defendant as to disagreements that have arisen between parties. They must also be unanimous in their decision. Six (6) people are impaneled to sit on a civil trial.

  Our Juror notification system is now automated and you will no longer be required to call in weekly.  You will be contacted from this office if you are required to attend as a juror with the date and time to appear.   


                      24 HOUR JURY LINE: 304.725.3544 or Toll Free at 800.791.6673
   This Jury Line is for informational purposes only, no messages can be left. Please call the office for any changes in your status such as illness, doctor’s appointments, vacations and unforeseen emergencies. The Clerk’s office will make every effort to work with you regarding these situations.

   When your term is complete the Clerk’s office will submit all necessary paperwork for your service and mileage. Our office will mail your check directly to you in a timely manner.

    **The juror information is compiled from Voter Registration and the DMV listing within Jefferson County.  If a loved one has passed away and their death certificate is not filed in the Jefferson County County Clerks office then you will need to contact Voter Registration at 304-728-3246 to have their voting information updated.   DMV records also need to be updated and the link for the form is:


     If these two records are not updated there is a chance their name could appear on our juror master list. DMV policy does not allow us to retain any information and all records have to be deleted every two years.**